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Random Misc. Stuff

Posted by: Daniel on Sunday, March 05, 2006 - 07:52 PM Print article Printer-friendly page  Email to a friend
Random Small Misc. Stuff
I made a new topic to put stuff that is too small to make a post about, that I can pile a bunch of little things into one post. I wouldn't want to blow away my family in number of posts per month then I already do.

Let the Random Misc. Stuff begin!

Feeling better, still getting tiny headaches randomly. Pollen count is super high. So high after a couple days I could turn on my windshield wipers on car and see solid yellow lines on windshield of car. Not even trying to keep car washed, after one day so much pollen and dust it impossible. It is good for making me sneeze instantly walking outside however.

Spring Break is getting close. I had a fun time back in Stone Age while I lost internet for over 24 hours at my apartment. I had a midterm paper due which I had to turn in online during this period, so that wasn't cool, however while on Campus I turned it in with that internet. This marks the last assignment before Spring Break. Now I just sit back and go to class and wait for the fun!

Went to Universal on Saturday, two of my roommates out of town so I was lonely. I can see a clear change in the amount of people there. On a normal trip there for me during off-season it would be noon to equal the lines and people in the park that were there at nine in the morning. Also noticed there were many groups there with their matching colored shirts, not sure if they were schools or something else, but they all had sponsors on the back and solid green, red, or white shirts.

- - Dan

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