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Dan Csonka  

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Posted by: Daniel on Wednesday, April 05, 2006 - 01:43 PM Print article Printer-friendly page  Email to a friend
Random Small Misc. Stuff
Thanks to Paul the website and gallery have been updated. Not much different visually, but maybe in the future. The spring break pictures will be all up by this weekend. Next story post will be saying spring break album complete. Still applying for jobs, all the online applications leave everything to prayer. What happened to the good old days where they interviewed you? I really do want a job; I think it will help stabilize my work. Currently with class it is feast or famine, and it so hard to start working after doing nothing for day or two. Family visit was very fun and excited to go home in a month. Iím excited to visit Paul, Gloria, and Alexa next month as well.

- - Dan

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