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Dan Csonka  

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To much to Update

Posted by: Daniel on Tuesday, May 16, 2006 - 05:08 AM Print article Printer-friendly page  Email to a friend
Random Small Misc. Stuff
I have been trying to keep everything slow to help the focus be on Alexa. Anyways everything with Alexa was wonderful. It was very nice to see everyone in Miami. My birthday was wonderful and was nice time to relax at home. I want to thank everyone for my birthday gifts, I really have enjoyed them. In fact I have almost finished watching entire seasons 1 - 4. I then can work on some of the extra features. I am now working at Target. Working on the sales floor I get to play with a Walkie-Talkie and a PDA with scanner. Summer classes are just starting and are going good. All caught up talk later.

- - Dan

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