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Dan Csonka  

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Full Speed Ahead!

Posted by: Daniel on Thursday, January 18, 2007 - 05:56 AM Print article Printer-friendly page  Email to a friend
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Everything has been very busy for me the last couple weeks. First I had to drive back and gather myself for a new semester. After moving all my stuff back that I kept with me during my month vacation, I discovered many broken electronics in the apartment. As a Csonka, this will not do. After spending over 7 hours fixing TiVo and an hour figuring out the problems with the network, everything is back working. Then I had to get into gear making my schedule work. Something perhaps I need to be more proactive about.

Give me a second to catch my breath typing this. After that, then I had to get into the class frame of mind, get to class then do work. As I am typing this my homework is finished, the electronics are working and I am probably going to take a break playing around with friends. That is why I have time to finally update my website. Pheeew, look for updates once a week now that I am caught up.

- - Dan

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