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Dan Csonka  

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Book 2!

Posted by: Daniel on Thursday, January 25, 2007 - 06:56 AM Print article Printer-friendly page  Email to a friend
Random Small Misc. Stuff
I finished reading Eragon, the first book which was made into a movie last year. It was a record for me by not only finishing a book in a long time, but also finishing 500 pages in only 5 days. I went and got book 2 which is named Elder, however, I will be taking my time with this one. I have a month before the third book comes out in March. Since the book is larger in size as well as width (700 + pages) it will take me all of February anyways. I really liked the book for two main reasons. First it was easier and less scattered as Lord of the Rings. It only had to follow one group of travelers, and not many groups detailed in Lord of the Rings. Also during the slow periods of the book he gave vivid detail to keep you interested, while let the exciting times, fighting/dangerous times, the book hurried lowering the detail but increased the action to make you feel as if you were in a hurry to escape danger.

- - Dan

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