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Topic: Travel Info

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Back from Vegas

Posted by: Daniel on Thursday, July 17, 2003 - 07:28 AM 713 Reads
Travel Info
Well got back from Las Vegas July 15th 10:45. It was a fun trip, but if I was older and with friends it would have been better. Saw pretty much all the hotels, went on coasters, and shot up the Stratosphere's Big Shot. Being up 1300 plus feet in the air was very fun and great to see Las Vegas. Hope to maybe put some pictures up in due time, till then check ya later.

- - Daniel

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Daniel makes his way to the City in the Desert

Posted by: Daniel on Wednesday, July 09, 2003 - 09:45 PM 720 Reads
Travel Info
In 12 hours from now I will be getting outta bed and ready for my early plane trip. I should be on the ground in Las Vegas a little after 10 a.m West Coast Time. I will take many pictures and have lots of fun. I beat everyone but my brother Paul to Las Vegas, so I get to brag about what I did when I get back.

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